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This Disclaimer regulates the services offered by by TheDarkroom (hereafter referred to as “FotoLowCost”) of Medi Terra Media S.r.l. located in Via Lorenzo di Credi 20, Firenze, Italythrough the website (hereafter referred to as the “Site”).

Contents of the Site

FotoLowCost promotes the professional activity of photography but does not host schools or photography courses.

FotoLowCost offers its services only to students, participants, teachers, associates and professionals in general, both current and former, of The Darkroom who intend taking up or have already taken up work as photographers.

Above mentioned persons who have taken up work as self-employed teachers of photography are excluded.

FotoLowCost sells advertising space on the Site to its customers by means of which they can advertise their goods and/or professional activity and/or services.

Users of the Site may not, even partially, copy, alter, translate, publish or spread through any means and media,  or use for any commercial purposes the contents of the Site including brand names, drawings, logos, images, articles, comments or any other material published on the S.

The Site users declare that they are holders of all the information and images sent to the Site and that their use, including publication on the Site, does not violate the rights of third parties.

Limitations of liability

FotoLowCost has no responsibility regarding the content of advertisements published by their customers on the Site and regarding goods and/or services supplied by them.

FotoLowCost, in fact, is no way party to contracts between the Site users and the advertisers and is not involved in supplying goods and/or services of the latter.

FotoLowCost does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the Site and its services which can be influenced by factors beyond its control.

FotoLowCost is in no way responsible for any damage to the Site users as a consequence of using the Site and/or its services.

Users of this Site agree to compensate FotoLowCost for any damages incurred as a result of unlawful activity whilst surfing the Site, including damages incurred through infringement of the rights of third parties for use by FotoLowCost of information, documents, images sent to theSite by users.


This Disclaimer represents the entire agreement between FotoLowCost and the users of the Site. FotoLowCost will periodically update this Disclaimer which will become binding for the users from the time of its publication on the Site.

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