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Attention please: this network is reserved! If you were never involved with TheDarkroom DO NOT SEND PAYMENT! We will be obliged to reject your registration and we will keep 10% of the money transferred to compensate for the cost of the refund management!

Join our team of professional photographers today.

Are you a former student? Have you taken part in at least one photography course or a workshop or any other activity with The Darkroom? Are you an assistant or a former teacher by TheDarkroom? Are you already a photographer and you studied with us? You can become part of the FotoLowCost network by The Darkroom today.

If you want to know FotoLowCost and the way it works, start as a Basic User. This is the account for to find out about the various functions of the portal. It’s free. Enter your data and send the form. We will send you the access password with which you will be able to create a portfolio and build your profile. Well, you do have some limitations with this profile: no direct contacts shown on line, non indexable data for the search engines.

Benefit straight away from ranking of the portal to improve the position of your website and improve the online visibility of your activity. Become Pro user.

All data (texts and metadata) of Pro Users are indexable by search engines. Pro Users contacts, email, phone numbers, address of the studio are visible and fully working on their accounts. Everything which is entered is followed by search engines and their spiders. Do not forget that also the metadata of your photographs are indexable. Google will find them immediately.

You can become Pro User right now, or you can upgrade from Basic at any time. The cost for the Pro account is €70 one time only. The account will be active forever. The account will be activated with the arrival of the payment. Basic account is totally free for six months. At expiring date, if no upgrade to Pro is made, it will automatically deactivated and no payment will be required.

Furthermore submits the network of photographs directly to companies, agencies, photographic studios and production companies through mailing and direct offers. From today every request from young, emerging photographers that The Darkroom receives will be sent directly to the portal. Pro users have their contacts shown and clients may find you easily.

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