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About us

Welcome to, the network of professionals who have  taken part in our courses of Professional photography and Multi-media photography at The Darkroom. is one of the fields of application of The Darkroom.

This portal was created for the purpose of helping to introduce students from our courses into the business world. But it was also created to help companies and agencies in this field to find promising youngsters as they are often looking for new elements in the panorama of worldwide professional photography. in fact offers a helpful support for companies  by offering a virtual showcase of professionalism in the multi-medial environment at very affordable prices.  In recent years, due to various changes in the macro-economic environment such as the economic crisis, price demands and an increase in special offers, all companies have been forced to keep up with competitive prices even in the communication field which means producing photographic material, videos and brochures at a sustainable cost.

We would like to thank all our students, staff and teachers and the professionals who revolve around our world of The Darkroom by offering our experience which has been attained over the years, with the extraordinary potential of The Darkroom platform which creates access to sites and therefore visibility in the search engines and  image return  for the users.

All the new faces on our network are students of our photography and multi-media courses at The Darkroom. Some have attended our courses longer than others. Some have attended workshops, whether for a short time or longer, and others have finished a more complete professional training course. 

We do not set the prices for the professional services offered by our users. It is obvious that our young future professional photographers can offer reasonable prices according to their experience. Hence the term Low Cost. However we are not offering self-made men, makeshift figures, photographers who hide behind enormous and expensive cameras.

Of course the younger ones will be less experienced, those with some work on their curriculum will be more expert. But all will have benefited from the educational and technical training received from our teachers and professional photographers during their time at the professional and multi-media photography courses at The Darkroom. 

This is the characteristic and the guarantee that our portal provides – all professionals who come from The Darkroom.

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