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An elite portal for our students

Are you a former student of TheDarkroom? Have you taken part in a photographic course, a workshop or any other activity at the The Darkroom? Whatever your present occupation, you can join our network FotoLowCost by The Darkroom.

The portal is open exclusively to participants or former participants of courses at The Darkroom, to teachers or former teachers and all assistants who have worked with us in any way. It is an elite network which was created to offer a showcase of professionals and to promote the web sites of all our students and assistants. The Darkroom has always offered professional training courses in the photographic and multimedia communications field. Our highly technical programmes have always put forward experimental topics with the objective of helping our students find work easily. Now we are going one step further. After the valuable instruction which our professionals give to the students, we want to provide a tangible springboard so they can begin working in photography.

For some years now multimedia communications has played a leading role in marketing. And the market will, without doubt, choose professionalism that manages to stay visible and easily found on the Internet. The example of those who, after finishing a professional training course, start up their own online showcase to turn their newly acquired knowledge into profit is paradigmatic. We know that it is difficult in some cases even impossible, to appear in the first positions of a search engine, especially for young people who have a recent website which is not affiliated with important platforms. But how can this presence on the web be made effective?

Web Design e Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimization for search engines (SEO) is the priority today for those who want to be present in the search. This means, to put it briefly, making contact with customers and therefore getting a chance to work. Since 2010 we have included Web Design and SEO as an integral part of our professional photography and multimedia courses. Multimedia has become a key part in the world of professional photography. The importance of optimising one’s website cannot be ignored and this means indexation, visibility on the initial pages of the search and new contacts. Anyone who wants to be someone today must appear on the web. And they must appear at the top of the relevant search. On the first page.

A young, recent website does not have the chance of getting to the top of  Google or Yahoo! rankings. And even less to become an aggregation centre full of clicks, unique contacts and variable content which is being constantly updated. An enormous job for a photographer looking for his own space and extremely difficult and expensive for a new site. Thanks to ranking and the importance we have earned up till today towards search engines, and thanks also to you, The Darkroom platform is a  much sought after goal that brings visibility, ranking and contacts with all the websites to which it is connected.

TheDarkroom wishes to transfer this importance with the new portal –

Today everyone is looking for connections through specific links and large aggregation platforms. TheDarkroom, with its teaching site, its recent InTheDarkroom blog and the new portal, is pushing more and more forward towards a presence on the web which is more constant, effective and determined. For this reason we are offering today our ten-year presence on the web, our ranking, our visibility and weight that the search engines recognise. We are making them available to our students with the hope that they will soon see the presence of their sites increase and so expand their activity as professional photographers. 

Not just SEO

The Darkroom has always had important dealings with companies, agencies, photographic studios, printers and graphic design studios. These businesses are often looking for new professional figures who are capable and responsible, to join its staff or to whom they can entrust production of new work whether it be catalogues, shootings or multimedia products. FotoLowCost submits the network of its photographers directly to the companies, agencies, photographic studios, and production companies. From now on we are eliminating the middle-man and putting our budding photographers in direct contact with customers. By presenting your work on the portal you can invite the customer to access your site, gain unique contacts and start up commercial and professional relations to expand your activity.

Sign up today

Sign up to the portal today. You can open a Basic account free in order to learn the basic mechanism of the portal and become familiar with it. Enter your data and send the form. We will send you a password with which you can create your portfolio and build your profile. You can load up to 10 images on your personal portfolio.  If you like the portal, you can change your profile from Basic to Pro. 

Become a Pro User

Pro users have open channels to their websites and there is no block indexing of search engines. Benefit straight away from the ranking of our portal to improve the position of your website and improve the online visibility of your activity. The search engines find the link to you and follow it. Customers view your profile. Your telephone contact numbers, email and other information is fully visible and works immediately.

Display yourself and join our team of professional photographers!

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